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E90 6-cylinder TURBOCHARGED Engine

Following in the footsteps of the page I created for the new NG6 VALVETRONIC engine, here is a collection of pictures of the 3.0 liter turbocharged engine in the E92 335 Coupe coming September '06. It is rated at 300HP and 300lb-ft of torque, most of which is available from 1400-5300 rpm. It makes as much power as a V8 and weighs much less. I'm told that this engine, plus a 328 version of the current Valvetronic series, will replace the E90 3.0L Valvetronic NG6 engines in the E90 325 and 330.

Front view of entire engine.
Valvetronic have silver valve covers, this one is back to black.

Front left view of entire engine.
Note the electric water pump with supply hose at lower left.

Left view of entire engine.
You can see the symmetrical turbo housings here.

Intake, Fuel, Exhaust, and Intercooler.
Note that BOTH turbos enter one intercooler, then feed engine.

Left view of the same.
Notice the "ram air" air intake from the kidney grilles.

Left rear view of the same.
Note the intake tube wrapping around the back of the block.

Top down view of the same.
Look at the gear driven fuel pump. Runs at 200 bar.

Cutaway of entire engine.

Another cutaway of same.
This engine has High Precision Direct Fuel Injection.

Example of HPI injector location in cylinder head.

All-aluminum crankcase from the old M54.
Cylinder liners are likely upgraded.

Bi-turbo manifold assembly.
The turbos are by MHI (Mitsubishi Heavy Industries).

Another view with the converters removed.
My guess they make about ~4psi in stock form.

Close-up view of the turbo turbine.
Note the wastegate valve.

Actual turbo assembly from MHI.
Intake compressor is on the left.

Another view of the turbo assembly.
Based on chamber ratings, they are good for over 8psi.

Exhaust turbine and shaft.

Piezo-electric HPI fuel injector.

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