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Written 9-17-2001

4 out of 5

The G-Tech/Pro is a small device about the size of a radar detector. It contains a precision accelerometer which when aligned properly can give you all sorts of performance data relating to your vehicle. Measurements such as 0-60 times, 1/4 mile time and speed (not trap, but exact speed at 1/4 mile), 60-0 braking, instantaneous/continuous Gs, and horsepower are all available. It is extremely accurate and not dependant on driver reaction times.

TESLA Electronics
1728 Wellesley Avenue
West Los Angeles, CA 90025, U.S.A.

I ordered my G-Tech/Pro through their website. I was charged $151.95 on my CC to have it shipped to me. It arrived just days later. My first impression is that it is TINY! It is smaller than a radar-detector and weighs practically nothing. Included in the box is the G-Tech/Pro unit, a suction cup mount with small rubber feet you have to attach, a piece of velcro to attach the mount to the unit, and instructions.

I couldn't wait to get this thing in my 330i and see what it could do. I read through the instructions and assembled the unit's mounting system. The G-Tech/Pro must be dead center in the windshield, pointing straight forward, and exactly level at a standstill before taking most measurements. It's display will tell you if it is not level. The sensitivity is amazing on this thing.

I did a quick test of the 0-60 function on a frontage road. I managed 8.67 seconds. I know the car is faster, but I was too busy watching the display count seconds off once I dropped the clutch. The launch was bad, the 1-2 shift was worse, but the G-Tech/Pro is an honest player and doesn't forgive. My second run was 7.12, and got better from there.

If you continue to accelerate from 60 mph, it will continue running thinking you are going for a 1/4 mile time. I did not continue, as this was a public street. As soon as you decelerate from over 60mph, your 0-60mph time flashes on the display.

Other settings include 60-0 braking, instantaneous/continuous Gs (for lateral Gs aka skidpad, you have to turn the unit sideways), and horsepower. The horsepower setting is acheived by inputting the weight of your vehicle and then accelerating through your gearbox to redline. I have not had a chance to test these settings and this is why:

I had the unit for approximately a week on a 125 mile road trip when it failed to turn on. It was on the windshield measuring instantaneous Gs while driving and I turned it off upon reaching the destination. I turned it back on for the ride home, but it was dead. I checked both the vehicle's cigarette lighter fuse and the G-Tech/Pro's plug fuse. Both are intact. I wrote the company for an answer. They responded very quickly by saying that they have had early issues with the lighter plug. Apparently, it was designed to fit snugly in different sized lighter outlets. There are two plastic tabs on the G-Tech/Pro's plug that can interfere with the fuse spring on some vehicles. They told me to either sand these tabs off or slam the tip into the ground to reset the spring contact. I chose to remove the tabs completely (see photos below). The unit works great once again. Thanks go out to Tesla for the quick response!

I gave the G-Tech/Pro a perfect rating until I had the problem with the plug, it receives a 4.


UPDATE 6-10-2002
Tesla Electronics has released a brand new G-Tech/Pro featuring most noticably a dot-matrix digitial display. It now can show RPMs and shift graphs due to new accelerometers and RISC processing. Also included are lights for shift points and cornering traction limits. Hopefully, I will be testing this new unit soon.

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