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Replace front license plate holder with normal rub strip.

1 - Bumper Moulding Strip
     (TISCHER BMW $20 2001 Models - part #51 11 8 195 304)
     Note: 2002 Models use part #51 11 7 030 611

Your strong hands and maybe a screwdriver

Before doing this modification, check with your locals laws and be sure it is not illegal to only have a rear license plate. States like California will slap you with fines for not having one.

1. The license plate holder is only held to the bumper with some little snaps and possibly two screws underneath the holder in the bumper. If the screws are present, remove them.

2. Gently pull the holder away from the bumper and it will begin to snap off. There are tabs on the holder that go under each side strip. It will pull the ends of the two side strips out of the the bumper as well, this is OK (photo A).

3. Remove the holder and replace with you new rub strip, sliding each end under the side strips (photo B).

4. Snap everything back into the bumper.

Your done! Stand back and enjoy your much nicer front end (photo C)!

Thanks to RHANTZ for the assistance with the photos.

Photo A

Photo B

Photo C


Not much to say here except that if you are not required by law to have the front license plate, remove the holder. It makes the front bumper appear much cleaner and without distraction.

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