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Completed 9/29/2001

Install Bilstein PSS9 adjustable height/dampening suspension components.

     (EUROCARPARTS $1180 part #938110331)

Floor Jack/Lift
Wheel chocks
Jack Stands
Lug Wrench/Impact Wrench
Spring Compressors
10mm Wrench x 2
13mm Wrench/Socket
17mm Wrench/Socket x 2
18mm Wrench/Socket
21mm Socket
22mm Socket
Bungee Cord
Spray Lubricant

Again, I did this install at work for access to a lift. It can still be done at home with normal tools. Access to a spring compressor is necessary, but these can be rented if needed. Be sure to take the necessary precautions when working under your car when it is raised.

1. Remove the PSS9 kit from the box and shipping wrapping. Lay all of the parts out and make sure they are all present and undamaged (Photo A). If you have the PSS9 kit, you will have the adjustable shocks as shown in the next two pictures (Photos B & C). The settings are 1 = hard to 9 = soft.

2. Let's start with a front shock (Photo D). Remove the dust boot. Thread the lock nut (the smaller of the two) onto the shock with the small lip toward the bolt end. Then, thread the spring plate nut on behind it (Photo E). NOTE: The photo only shows the order and position of the lock/spring nuts. Upon final installation, these two nuts will tightened against each other.) I then replaced the dust boot and threaded the 22mm nut onto the shock bolt as not to lose it.

3. Repeat procedure on other front shock (Photo F).

4. Ok, on to the rear suspension. The shocks are already ready to go. I put the washer and nut on the bolt ends to keep them handy for installation. We can now assemble the rear spring perches (Photo G). UPDATE 12-24-2003: I have heard of issues where the rear springs clunk when these rings are not there, so until I hear otherwise, ignore the photo and use these rings on the rear perches. Bilstein really should have put two sets of rings in the set.

5. Press the dust cap into the large end of the threaded sleeve.

6. The kit comes with a large washer and guide bushing for different sized holes in the lower control arm of the rear suspension. The E46 330i uses the large washer, so the bushing will not be needed. Put the washer over the bolt end of the sleeve and put the 22mm nut on the end loosely to keep it there.

7. Thread a lock nut onto the sleeve with the small lip facing away from the nut. Thread the spring plate nut on behind it (Photo H). Again, the photo shows the assembly, not the final installation.

8. Your suspension is now ready for installation (Photo I). You may notice that I also installed my rear shock mounts from JTDesigns on the rear shocks for the picture.

IMPORTANT NOTE: In the pictures, you will see that I put the blue plastic rings on the rear spring perches. It is actually used on the front struts spring plates and needs to be placed there. This allows the spring to slide around the plate during turns.


Photo A

Photo B

Photo C

Photo D

Photo E

Photo F

Photo G

Photo H

Photo I

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