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Completed 12/22/2001

Install UUC aluminum parking brake handle.

1 - UUC Aluminum Parking Brake Handle
     (UUC MOTORWERKS $80 part #EBB)
or - UUC Polished Aluminum Brake Handle
     (UUC MOTORWERKS $100 part #EBP)

Cutting Pliers/Knife
Included Hex Wrench

Once again, another easy modification to enhance the aluminum trim interiors. I heard in advance that the parking brake handle is a bitch to remove. So, for the week that passed while I waited for the new handle to show up, I would twist and pull on the stock leather handle while I was at stoplights. It loosened the glue and made it easy to get the handle off when I was ready.

1. Raise the armrest (if you have one), and remove the leather boot from the console. Press in on the ends and it will pop out (Photo A - red arrows).

2. Pull the boot over the shifter to expose the zip tie (Photo B). Cut this off and remove the boot.

3. Here is where a week's worth of twisting helped immensely. Start twisting and pulling to get the stock leather handle off. It will be a bit of work, but you will be able to work it off the end of the brake lever.

4. Slide the new aluminum handle over the lever. It will only go on to a certain point (Photo C).

5. Slide the boot back over the shifter inside out (Photo D). I chose to change the color of my parking brake boot at this point.

6. About 1/4" past the end of the new aluminum handle, use the suppled new zip tie to secure the boot into place (Photo E).

7. Roll the boot down the brake lever and snap it back into the console (Photo F).

8. Using the supplied hex wrench, tighten the set screw underneath the new handle to secure it (Photo G).

9. Finished. Never too much beautiful aluminum (Photo H).

Photo A

Photo B

Photo C

Photo D

Photo E

Photo F

Photo G

Photo H


A very simple install and looks great.

It matches the interior perfectly and feels great everytime I park the car.

  © MarvelPhx