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Completed 3/8/2002

Replace M-Aero front bumper covers with OEM duct openings.

1 - Left Opening
     (TISCHER BMW $15 part #51 11 7 890 095)
1 - Right Opening
     (TISCHER BMW $15 part #51 11 7 890 096)

Flat Head Screwdriver

The ducts come from BMW without paint. They are simply molded black plastic. I had them painted at my body shop for nothing, but the cost can't be more than $20.

1. Once painted, they are pretty simple (Photo A).

2. If you look at the new ducts, you will see the tab that catches on the center bumper grille to hold them in place (Blue box - Photo B).

3. I tried to get a screwdriver under there to release the tab on the old covers, but I dreaded breaking the delicate grille plastic. I found that by pressing the cover from the grille side towards the outside of the car, the cover will bow out away from the bumper (Photo C).

4. This gave me just enough room to slide a flat head screwdriver in there and pop the covers right out (Photos D & E). If you want to take the chance, you can try to bend the center grille plastic away from the tab to make this easier.

5. Repeat on the other side.

That's it (Photos F & G).

I saw these ducts on another E46. It turns out that they were designed for the European 320d diesel model. I will be installing the supercharger and possible aftercooler soon and the ducts will work great to direct air into the cavity behind the bumpers. These cavities are where most CAIs feed from and most likely where I will place the aftercooler external radiator. I have seen people remove the driver's side foglight to allow air to get to their CAI and, with this simple modification, they won't have to.

NOTE: I apologize for the low-quality photos, the flash batteries were dead.

Photo A

Photo B

Photo C

Photo D

Photo E

Photo F

Photo G


No real review here. They fit perfect, look fine, and do their job.

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