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Completed 4/11/2004

Install BMW OEM Aluminum Cube Interior Trim. The Project Car came from the factory with the Black Cube trim and I wanted to add some contrast to the black/tan interior, so I chose to change it to the aluminum cube. This is actual aluminum, not plastic and is laser etched to give it a "cube" appearance. The pattern kinda reminds me of Q*Bert if you were old enough to remember that game.

1 - Aluminum Cube Interior Trim Kit
     (TISCHER BMW $518 part #51-41-7-896-090)
1 - Aluminum Cube Console Trim Kit
     (TISCHER BMW $85 part #51-16-7-896-088)

Trim Tool/Protected Flathead Screwdriver
Phillips Head Screwdriver

The installation is pretty straight forward and ranks as one of the easiest to do. I heard the coupe is a bit more difficult as the door trim is held in place with screws (another yea for sedans!).

1. The first photo is a side-by-side comparison of the black and aluminum cube trims (Photo A).

2. Press the sides of the shifter boot in to release it (Photo B).

3. Under the boot are two (2) phillips screws, remove them (Photo C - Red Circles).

4. Lift the console trim and pull back to release it. Unclip the window switches from both sides (Photo D - Red Circle).

5. Replace the trim with new piece, reattach switches, slide back into place, and fasten with the screws (Photo E).

6. Using a trim tool (or be very careful with a protected flathead screwdriver, lift the edge of the trim above the glovebox. The trim is only friction fit into the dash so it should pull straight out. Just go slow and be careful (Photo F)

7. The piece above the radio is also easy to remove, simply slowly pull it off the dash. If you pull any pins or fasteners out, just slide or pop them back into place. They shouldn't get damaged at all (Photo G).

8. The headlamp switch trim is the same. Lift the edge with a trim tool/screwdriver and pull off the dash (Photo H).

9. The door trims can actually be removed by hand if you pull away from the rear edge of the door. In the photo, I used a screwdriver to illustrate where to lift (Photo I).

10. Repeat Step 9 on all four doors.

11. Press fit all of your new trim into place (Photos J, K, L).

12. You're done! This same technique can be applied to all versions of interior trim on sedans (Photo M).

Photo A

Photo B

Photo C

Photo D

Photo E

Photo F

Photo G

Photo H

Photo I

Photo J

Photo K

Photo L

Photo M


This is a purely cosmetic modification, but I think it really adds a nice quality touch to the interior.

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