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Completed 04/28/2004

Install UUC Evo III Short Shift Kit.

1 - UUC Motorwerks Evo III Short Shift Kit
     (UUC MOTORWERKS $325 part #UCSE2)

Your nimble hands
Long Flat-head Screwdriver
Phillips Screwdriver
15mm Wrench
13mm Socket/wrench
Snap Ring Plier Set (recommended)

Once again, UUC provided a very good installation manual and the 6-speed version is easier than the 5-speed to install. I will include updated info from the first install and noted changes in bold.

Removing the Heat Shield
On the 6-speeds, you have to remove the heat shield to get to the shifter carrier. In order to do this, you have to disconnect and lower the exhaust system. Don't worry, it's actually not that bad. I actually took the entire exhaust out of the car on a creeper to make the install quicker. In (Photo A), you can see the four (4) 15mm bolts holding the exhaust system to the headers on the engine. There are two cross braces with four (4) 13mm bolts and then the four (4) 13mm nuts holding the muffler up in rear bumper. Just remove them all and take the whole thing out. Watch out, it is heavy and awkward. Once it is out, life is MUCH better. You can then remove all of the 10mm screws (Photo B) holding the heat shield in place and slide it forward from the rear axle and pull it out.

Shifter Linkage:
A pair of snap ring pliers really helps here. They are inexpensive and come in handy for all of your BMW work. Here is my set of pliers on the shifter snap ring ready to remove (Photo C).

Shift Carrier Pin:
The shift carrier in an 6-speed E46 is attached in three places (the 5-speed was two). The rear is a pin that goes into a rubber hole in the body. The front is attached directly to the top of the transmission via two pins. These pins are locked into place with metal clips (Photo D) that must be rotated away from the transmission towards the rear of the car. This is one of the very first steps of the install is much easier on the 6-speeds. The clips are lower on the transmission body and are easier to get to. Once you get the clips rotated far enough up, I found it easier to use a very short screwdriver to push the pin out from the other side. Since the 6-speed transmission is bigger, you may have remove the support brace and get some help pulling the transmission down to get the carrier out. This is the 6-speed carrier out of the car (Photo E). When replacing the shift carrier, MAKE SURE you have the carrier seated in the rear frame rubber mount.

Shifter Lever Pivot Cup:
Also included (as before) is the ERK (Effort Reducing Kit), this aluminum cup raises the location of the pivot point of the shifter in the car. It attaches to the existing shift carrier via 6 small hex screws. The instructions say not to tighten these too much as it is possible to strip the threads out of the new aluminum carrier. They provide LocTite to make the screws stay in place (Photo F). Do take note, you still need to make these very tight, just don't go using a electric drill or something to wrench them in (Photo G). I was very conservative when installing these screws on my earlier SSK install on the first Project Car and it turns out they were not tight enough and allowed the pivot cup to move making the shifter loose and sloppy. I did not have this problem on this Evo III install. This is the completed cup in place, with a nice touch of engraving, even though you will never see it (Photo H).

Adequate Lubrication:
One thing that will make a notable difference is making sure the action of the shift kit gets plenty of lubrication. UUC provides some grease. Use it all (Photo I). The action is fairly sealed and since the pivot ball is steel, it wont wear from dirt hardly at all.

Once you get the carrier back in place and the shifter lever in the cup, the spring load assembly should be ready to put in place (Photo J). Again, snap pliers help here to seat it (Photo K). This is the completed assembly, it should lock the pivot ball in place (Photo L).

Under the car, install the bearing caps (Photo M). I only used the original yellow washer on the clip side (Photo N).

This shifter is much easier to install and functions much more smoothly. The install took about an hour including lifting the car and putting it on rear jackstands.


Photo A

Photo B

Photo C

Photo D

Photo E

Photo F

Photo G

Photo H

Photo I

Photo J

Photo K

Photo L

Photo M

Photo N


Could the UUC short shift kits get any better???? YES! This Evo III is smoother, requires less effort, and is just a dream to drive. Add a heavier shift knob or the DSSR from UUC and it's going to blow your mind. Again, kudos to UUC for producing a top-notch product. I will continue to use their SSKs in every BMW I own.

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