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Completed 10/23/2004

Install the UUC Motorwerks TSE3 Full Cat-back Exhaust.

1 - UUC Motorwerks Twin Silencer Exhaust 3
     (UUC MOTORWERKS $1095 (part #SUE463TSERND)

15mm Wrench
13mm Socket with Extension
Socket Wrench
Jack Stands
Floor Jack
Wheel Chocks

1. Raise and support the rear of the car. I slide my floor jack under the cross-brace under the rear differential (NOT the differential itself!). Chock the front wheels and raise the car slowly until you can put jackstands in both rear jack points under the rear doors. When you set it on the stands, make sure it is solid. Go slowly and carefully.

2. Where the exhaust system meets the headers, there are four (4) 15mm nuts. Remove these (Photo A). It may be really tough if the car is older. Perhaps use some lubricant such as WD-40 and let it seep in for a bit, then try again.

3. Remove the eight (8) 13mm bolts on the cross-braces in the center of the car (Photo B - Lower part of photo). One is attached to the factory exhaust with two additional bolts, leave those two attached there for now.

4. The rear muffler is supported by two rubber hangers which are bolted to the body with four (4) 13mm nuts. Use and socket and extension to begin loosening these nuts. BE CAREFUL. When these nuts come off, nothing is supporting the exhaust and it will drop on you. I supported the center resonator with my floor jack and it supported the entire thing.

5. Once the rear nuts are out, you should be able to lower and pull the entire system out from the rear of the car. It should come off the header pretty easy, but you may need to wiggle it a bit if it sticks.

6. Lay the new TSE3 parts out, following the lines of the OEM exhaust you just removed (Photo C).

7. Move the rubber hangers from the stock exhaust muffler to the new TSE3 mounts (Photo D).

8. Using the supplied copper-based anti-seize compound from UUC, generously apply to the mating surfaces of the entire exhaust (Photo E). Avoid getting it on anything shiny as it will tarnish it. Also, you may want to use gloves here as it can be a skin irritant. I have a big bottle with a brush in the shop so that is what I used, but UUC does supply some with the kit.

9. Test fit the pieces together. Place the supplied clamps over the female ends of each connection and begin attaching the pieces together, just snug for now. Make sure the clamp bolt heads face down (Photo F).

10. Move the cross-brace from the stock exhaust to the new TSE3 (Photo G).

11. You should be ready to roll the new exhaust back under the car (Photo H).

12. Installation is basically a reverse of what you did to remove the stock exhaust. Roll the exhaust in, align the header studs and put the nuts on snug for now (make sure to use the supplied exhaust gaskets). Align the rest of the pieces and reattach all nuts and bolts to the braces and muffler hangers. You may have to shift the TSE3 pieces forward/back and twist them to make a nice fit. Check for anything touching the piping (this contact will cause rattles). Tighten all exhaust clamps, nuts, and bolts.

13. At this point, I started the car and checked for leaks and rattles. Start the car from outside. I didn't want to test my jackstands, so I didn't get in and upset the balance of the car at this point. Once everything checked out, I got the car off the stands and took it for a drive. No leaks, no rattles, good to go!

The TSE3 is raspy when cold and will mellow as it warms. It also takes a few hundred miles to break in to it's best sound. If you don't like it at first, give it time, you will love it!


Photo A

Photo B

Photo C

Photo D

Photo E

Photo F

Photo G

Photo H

Photo I

Photo J

Photo K

Photo L


The Twin Silencer Exhaust 3 from UUC is their third version of the System*U line. Version 1.0 was on the first Project Car and I loved it! The second version got very mixed reviews, but I never had the chance to install and review it. The new third version is meant to improve on both previous iterations and bring the best of both together into one unit. This time around, the guys at UUC contacted Corsa Systems to help them bring this vision to production. Using their patented Reflective Sound Cancellation Technology, Corsa was able to give UUC exactly what they were looking for. A beautifully built, shiny, gorgeous sounding exhaust for the 3 Series. It is a tad bit louder than my TSE1, but I can't get this thing to drone at all. It sounds like a well-refined racecar. It burbles at idle and gargles on throttle lift. At wide open, it screams out that adrenaline pushing song of the BMW powerplant like an orchestra hit. I have heard all sorts of aftermarket exhausts, but this one tops all!

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