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Completed 9/17/2005

Install the UUC Motowerks Transmission Bushings. UUC provides transmission mounts in three flavors: the first being black stiff rubber for non-track use. Second is a stiffer red rubber for performace and auto-x/track. Third is polyurethane in red for race-only. Any of the three can be used with UUC's Transmission Mount Enforcers (additional $35). The TME are aluminum "hats" to stiffen the mounts even more if needed by limiting the amount of mount that can deflect under load. I chose the red rubber non-TME versions as I just want to keep the transmission in place during load/unload for more accurate shifting without the race noise. The stiffer the mount, the more vibration and noise it is going to transfer to the car.

     (UUC MOTORWERKS $35 part #TM-R)
     (UUC MOTORWERKS $35 part #TME)

Floor Jack/Lift
13mm Socket & Ratchet
13mm Wrench
Extra Floor Jack

1. Either put the car on a lift or jack it up and support it all around with jack stands. I drove the front onto ramps and then jacked up the rear and used jackstands. You don't need a huge amount of room, but the more, the easier.

2. Using the extra floor jack, lift the transmission about 1/4" to support it. I used a piece of wood to protect the transmission from the jack (Photo A).

3. Remove the 13mm nuts from the tops of the transmission mounts (Photo B).

4. Remove the four (4) 13mm nuts holding the transmission brace to the car. Because of the exhaust system, I simply couldn't get to the top of the passenger side mount, so I removed the lower nut and pulled the brace off (Photo C). Then I removed the other mount.

5. Remove the old mounts from the brace and install the new mounts using the UUC supplied washer and locknuts. Notice the notch in the mounts, this fits over the tab on the brace (Photo D).

6. Only tighten the mounts to the brace lightly (16 lb/ft). Over tightening will transmit noise and vibration (Photo E).

7. Reinstall the cross brace while sliding the TME threaded studs into the transmission mount slots and install washer and nuts on top (Photo F).

8. Simple as that, you are finished (Photo G).


Photo A

Photo B

Photo C

Photo D

Photo E

Photo F

Photo G


So far, the shifts are a bit more direct and solid. I only went with the basic red bushings, but the stiffer ones or even the TME caps may be your solution if you are getting a lot of play or difficulty shifting under load. This is an easy and inexpensive performance mod and it doesn't create any noise that I can detect. There is a slight vibration transfer, especially when the car is cold, but this is only because of the lightweight flywheel doesn't dampen the engine anymore. Overall, if you want the click-click performance, this is a great step.

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