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Completed 8/29/2001

Install aluminum BMW shifter knob in manual transmission 330i.

1 - Aluminum BMW Shifter Knob
     (TISCHER BMW $65 part #82 23 9 405 686)


And I thought the clear front lens install was easy! On my 330i, I also purchased the black colored shift boot to give some contrast with the shifter knob. The existing grey boot was too bland.

1. Give the shifter knob a good pull straight up to remove it (Photo A). It isn't that hard to pull off.

2. If you need to remove the boot as well, simply squeeze the left and right sides in and pull up (Photo B).

3. I wonder if you could drive with it like this (Photo C)?

4. Snap the new boot in if necessary and slide the new shifter knob on. Twist it a bit to line up the slot on the shifter lever and give it a good smack to seat it snug on the lever. All done (Photo D).

Photo A

Photo B

Photo C

Photo D


When I purchased this from BMW, they said aluminum. It is more of a polished aluminum than brushed, but still looks great with the black leather boot. I didn't even think about keeping the grey boot. The feel is incredibly smooth and since it sits about 1/2" lower than stock, I can dream it's a short shift kit! It gets very hot in direct sunlight, but hey, you should have both hands on the wheel right? :)

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