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Completed 9/2/2001

Replace amber rear turn signal lens assemblies with clear.

1 - Clear Rear Signal Set
     (TISCHER BMW $200 part #82 19 9 416 997)

10mm Nut Driver
Flat Head Screwdriver

Well, interesting enough, I opened the box for the clear lenses and you wouldn't believe it. There was 2 driver side lenses in the sealed box (Photo A). So, I got a hold of Pacific BMW and they overnighted another complete set to me. Props to Pacific BMW! Let's get started:

1. Open the trunk. The photos are for the driver's side, so begin there. Behind the interior trunk lamp lens, there is a small tab (Photo B). Squeeze this tab towards the lamp and the bulb assembly will pop out. The clear lenses come with a new bulb assembly, but they are indentical to the stock ones. You only need the amber bulb from the new set.

2. Disconnect the electrical harness connector (Photo C).

3. Pop out the black cover in the trunk trim (Photo D - Blue Circle). You will also have to remove the button fastener from the trunk wall trim (Photo D - Red Circle). Check the close-up of this fastener shows how the center piece can be pulled out and removed to release the fastener's collar (Photo E).

4. Now you can pull the interior trunk trim away from the fender wall. This is necessary to access the nuts holding the lens in. Here is the location of the three 10mm nuts (Photo F).

5. Using the 10mm Nut Driver, remove the 3 nuts. It is advisable to keep a hold onto the lens to keep it from hitting the floor (Photo G). The top nut is captively attached to a plastic clamp (Photo H). Pay attention to where this clamp applies pressure to the fender as you remove it. It will help on the reinstall.

6. Once all three nuts are removed, carefully pull the lens straight out from the car.

7. Reverse the steps to install the clear lens.

8. Repeat the steps on the passenger side. The only difference between driver and passenger sides is that there is no black fastener in the trunk wall trim, however, you will have to pull the green fuel door release plug out to get the trim down.

9. Stand back and admire your work (Photo I).

Photo A

Photo B

Photo C

Photo D

Photo E

Photo F

Photo G

Photo H

Photo I


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