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Completed 9/22/2001

Install factory BMW E46 security alarm kit.

1 - Alarm Kit
     (TISCHER BMW $234 part #65 73 9 416 520)

10mm Nut Driver
#30 Torx Driver

For as simple as this install is and as much of the system that is already in the car, it should have just been included in the price of the car. For 2002 on, I heard that this system is indeed standard.

1. In the trunk on the RH side, pull the green fuel filler door plug from the interior trim. Remove the plug from the cord by splitting the plug on it's seam (Photo A). The end of the cord itself is part of the plug so you won't lose any small parts. Set the plug aside as to not lose it.

2. Let the cord pass through the hole and pull back the trunk trim to expose the tilt sensor mounting location (Photo B).

3. Remove the single nut and pull the plastic trim piece off the stud. Find the nearby 6-pin electrical harness connector and attach it to the tilt sensor.

4. Mount the tilt sensor over the two studs and replace plastic trim over left stud. Secure the tilt sensor with the removed nut and one additional nut (Photo C).

5. Feed fuel filler door cord through hole while replacing interior trim. Reattach cord to plug.

6. Please make sure your hands are clean before working with the headliner of your car!

7. Gently pull the central sensor housing down from the headliner inside the car (Photo D).

8. Both the housing and the sensor itself have arrows which should point to the front of the car. Snap the sensor into the housing (photo E).

9. Remove the 4-pin electrical harness connector from the plastic frame in the headliner (Photo F).

10. Attach the connector to the sensor and while making sure both arrows face to the front of the car, snap the housing back into the headliner (Photo G).

11. Open the hood. At the rear of the engine compartment is the air intake cowling for the passenger cabin. In front of the cowling is the electrical crossover channel. There are (4) clip fasteners that will release the harness cover (Photo H - Red Circles).

12. Turn the (3) 1/4 twist fasteners counter-clockwise to remove the cowling cover (Photo H - Blue Circles). Remove the air filter found inside.

13. Loosen the (4) #30 Torx captive bolts to the rear of the cowling and remove the cowling (Photo I). There are two rubber moldings on either side you may have to wiggle the cowling past to get it out.

14. Loosen the (2) #30 Torx captive bolts on the rear cowling (Photo K - Red Circles). There is (1) 1/4 twist fastener on the right side (Photo K - Blue Circle), remove it carefully and try not to lose it. Carefully pull the rear cowling from the car.

15. Inside the opening you've created on the left, you will see the mounting location. There is a rectangular-shaped hole that you will snap the kit's clip-nut into (Photo L).

16. Attach the siren unit to the mounting bracket with a supplied nut (Photo M).

17. Install siren unit to firewall with a supplied bolt. Attach nearby 4-pin electrical harness connector and firmly attach to siren unit. (Photo N).

17. Replace all cowlings and air filter in reverse order. Close hood.

18. In order for your alarm to function properly, it may have to be activated by your local BMW dealer. A quick lock/unlock with the remote will tell you if you need the activation. If your siren unit beeps, you are set.

NOTE: The alarm kit comes with an extra nut and fuse. You won't need either one as they are spares. The extra nut is for the siren mount and the fuse is for the EWS system.

Photo A

Photo B

Photo C

Photo D

Photo E

Photo F

Photo G

Photo H

Photo I

Photo J

Photo K

Photo L

Photo M

Photo N


Apparently, if your clown nose blinks already, your alarm will be activated once you install it. I went to my local BMW dealership and had a technician friend of mine check the system. Everything is already activated. The chirp during arm and disarm is quiet and won't wake up your neighbors, but when set off, this thing screams pretty good. I think it is a worthwhile investment and am glad to hear it is finally standard equipment.

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