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Completed 2/2/2008

Install the Xenon Interior Lighting kit. The kit includes blue-tinted bulbs to replace the standard halogen interior lamps. The part number listed below is for a E92 coupe, but the only difference to the sedan install is two more puddle lamps in the rear doors and no rear footwells.

The stock interior lighting is very warm and "golden". With my black interior and aluminum trim, the warm look seemed out of place. I chose to cool down the interior by using Xenon-colored bulbs. It is a quick fix and takes little time to make a big difference. The interior lighting also now matches the LED color under the door handles when the doors are open.

     (BIMMIAN $60 part# IXB9XAFYY)

Flathead Screwdriver or Trim Removal Tool

This is a very simple modification. Take your time and be careful not to damage trim.

1. I started with the puddle lamps under the doors (Photo A). Simply use a screwdriver or trim tool to pry the lens from the door.

2. If the lamps have been on for a while, disconnect the wire and let them cool. Then twist to remove the socket and replace with new bulb (Photo B). Snap lens back into place. Repeat on opposite door.

3. Move on to the front footwell lamps under the dash (Photo C). Use the same method to switch out these bulbs on both sides as well.

4. At this point, I moved on to the rear footwell lamps (Photo D). Turns out the Bimmian kit doesn't include these tiny bulbs (Photo E). I imagine you could just remove the bulbs and leave the rear dark or do what I did and leave the halogens in. It is a minor amount of light that isn't very noticable. Your choice here.

5. From the rear, I moved on to the front roof switch panel (Photo F). There are two clips that hold this panel in place. They line up with the reading lamps and are clipped into the headliner along the forward edge. Use a CLEAN tool here to release the clips (Photo G).

6. Once the panel is down, twist the white sockets 1/4 turn and replace all 3 lamps (Photo H).

7. Press the panel back into place and it will snap into position.

8. The rear ceiling panel comes down much easier. Just pull on it and you can switch out these 3 bulbs as well (Photo I).

9. On to the glovebox (Photo J). Open the glovebox and carefully unclip the lamp. The push button switch will come with it.

10. I held the switch in to keep the lamp off and swapped the bulb (Photo K).

11. One more in the trunk. Open the trunk and remove the lamp under the rear deck (Photo L).

12. There is a small metal heat shield you can slide off to replace the bulb (Photo M). Do so and snap back into place.

13. You are done! Enjoy the new cool lighting!


Photo A

Photo B

Photo C

Photo D

Photo E

Photo F

Photo G

Photo H

Photo I

Photo J

Photo K

Photo L

Photo M


I had actually done this mod on my ex-gf's 335i Sedan because the puddle lamps never matched the door handle LEDs. Once I put the whole kit in, I knew I had to have it on mine with the black leather. In my mind, it is quick, easy, and worth the effort and cost.

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