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Completed 2/2/2008

Install GP Plasma 8500K bulbs in the factory angel eyes. This DIY *only* applies to E92 coupes. The sedan is totally different and much more difficult to do from what I have heard.

The stock angel eyes are lit by a standard halogen bulb. It is very amber and always bothered me. This DIY changes the bulb to a bluer color to match the factory Xenon headlamps and the overall monochrome color of the car.

     (EBAY $12)

Flathead Screwdriver
Nimble Hands

The space behind the headlamps is pretty tight, but doable even with my big hands. Let's get started.

1. These are the GP Plasma bulbs (Photo A).

2. Make sure your angel eyes/headlamps are off and open the hood.

3. Remove the cover in the headlamp housing. There are two small tabs towards the front of the car that hold it in place (Photo B).

4. Use a small screwdriver to press the tabs back and pop the cover off (Photo C).

5. You can see the Angel Eye H8 bulb here (Photo D).

6. Reach in and carefull rotate the bulb base 1/4 turn counter-clockwise and pull it out (Photo E).

7. DO NOT touch the glass of the new bulb. The oil on your hands can cause the glass to overheat and melt. I used rubber gloves to insert the new bulbs. Do this on both headlamps. The right side will give you a little trouble as it rotates down into the housing, but it is not too bad.

8. Complete! Test the new lamps and enjoy the subdued blue/purple angel eye color!


Photo A

Photo B

Photo C

Photo D

Photo E


The bulbs work great and were very inexpensive. I did notice that the Angel Eyes are brighter with the headlamps off. With the headlamps on, they dim automatically. Works for me and I love the new cooler color. Matched very well with my 6500k HID headlamp upgrade.

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