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Completed 2/17/2008

Install the new EVO3 short shifter from UUC in the 335i.

I can understand why it took so long to see SSKs arrive for the 335i. The angle of the shifter is the quirkiest compound shape. It not only bends forward, but to the side, and with a slight twist.


Flathead Screwdrivers
8mm Nut Driver/Socket
10mm Nut Driver/Socket
Spring Clip Pliers

The instructions say to remove the carrier, but I did it without doing so. It is possible. Read on!

1. Remove the shift knob by pulling straight up (Photo A).

2. Press the sides of the boot towards the center and remove the boot (Photo B).

3. Pull up and remove the foam liner (Photo C).

4. Carefully work the rubber seal up from the chassis and slide up and off the shifter (Photo D).

5. This will leave the shifter cup and bushing exposed (Photo E).

6. Safely chock and raise the vehicle and place on jackstands.

7. Under the vehicle in the center, remove the four (4) 8mm body nuts on this plastic panel (Photo F - Red Circles).

8. Above the panel is some heat shield. Remove this 10mm nut and bend the shield down out of the way (Photo G - Red Circle).

9. With the heat shield out of the way, you can see the shifter linkage above the driveshaft (Photo H).

10. I used a long flathead screwdriver to pop off the spring clip on the end of the shifter lever (Photo H - Red Circle).

11. Slide the shifter lever pin out of the linkage. Time to go back into the car, so you might want to take a minute and clean up first.

12. UUC used to supply a tool for this, but you can use a pair of small flathead screwdrivers. Slide the tips into the slots in the carrier bushing and rotate the entire bushing counter-clockwise. (Photo I).

13. Once you twist the bushing about 45 degrees, you can pop the shifter up out of the car (Photo J).

NOTE: At this point, UUC shows to remove the carrier clips and take the shifter carrier out of the car. After 15 minutes, I got both clips out of the car. However, the carrier simply didn't have the room to come out. It has to slide forward and over the transmission. Without lowering the transmission or removing the rear carrier pin support, it just wasnt going to happen. I chose to try to install the new shifter cup with the carrier in the car. Turns out, it worked out just fine.

14. Using the supplied LocTite, coat the threads of the supplied blue screws (Photo K).

15. Slide the new bushing cup into the carrier and align the six holes with the slots in the carrier.

16. Start carefully threading the LocTite covered blue screws into the carrier (Photo L).

17. When you tighten them with the supplied hex wrench, remember they only need to be snug. And, like mounting a wheel, alternate around the carrier as you tighten. (Photo M).

18. It takes a while, but when finished, the cup should sit flush and tight (Photo N).

19. Use the supplied grease to completly lubricate the new shifter ball and the white and black bushings that touch the ball. (Photo O).

20. Slide the supplied white bushing down inside the carrier cup with the beveled edge up.

21. Slip the entire shifter assembly down into the cup with the screw facing forward. It should go white lower bushing, shifter ball, black upper bushing, spring, spring cap, lock ring (Photo P).

22. Snap the locking ring into the groove on the carrier cup (Photo Q).

23. Get back under the car and slide the bearing caps onto the end of the shifter lever.

24. Slide the shifter linkage lever into the end of the shifter rod (Photo R).

25. Get back into the car and make sure you can shift into all 7 gears easily. If you cannot, you have the shifter backwards. Slip the linkage pin back out and rotate the shifter 180 degrees and try again.

26. If all is good, slip a new yellow spacer on the end of the shifter pin and lock it in place with a new spring clip (Photo S).

27. Bend your heat shield back into place (leave space for the driveshaft to turn) and replace the panels and screws.

28. If you choose, you can set the height of the EVO3 shifter. In Photo Q, you can see the threaded sleeve above the shifter ball. This can be loosened and the entire upper shaft will slide up or down to your desired height. Tighten the sleeve when done. I found that whatever height you choose, don't use the very top or very bottom. This causes the stop pin to contact the shifter and can transmit noise. I put mine to the very top and then moved it down jsut a millimeter. No noise and matches the angle of my arms in the car.

29. Replace the rubber boot, foam filler, shifter boot, and shifter.

30. Carefully lower the car and drive slowly to make sure you can achieve all gears easily. If so, ENJOY! (Photo T).


Photo A

Photo B

Photo C

Photo D

Photo E

Photo F

Photo G

Photo H

Photo I

Photo J

Photo K

Photo L

Photo M

Photo N

Photo O

Photo P

Photo Q

Photo R

Photo S

Photo T


I LOVE IT! The stock shifter actually wasn't that bad, but I have always liked a nice positive feel in shifts. The UUC EVO3 not only creates a nice "click" into gear, but does so without greatly increasing effort. The height is adjustable, so for your driving style or your personal desire for shift effort, you can change this as you please. It is as good as every other UUC shifter I have had, both E36 and E46. Kudos to UUC on this one!

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