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Written 12-3-2001

5 out of 5

The UUC Rob Knob Magnum II is a replacement shifter knob for the manual transmission on most BMWs. It is available in 2 different types of material: 6061-T6 Aluminum and T-303 Stainless Steel. The RK Magnum II is 3/16" larger in diameter than the original RK II which measured 2" across. The RK Magnum II is also longer at 3 1/4". The aluminum knob weighs in at 9.4oz, while the stainless steel tips the scales at 27.6oz.

UUC Motorwerks
1356 Kearney Drive
North Brunswick, NJ 08902, U.S.A.

I received a call from Rob over at UUC one day and the first words out of his mouth were, "How tall are you?" Puzzled, I answered and he then asked if I had big hands. OK, this was getting personal! Rob quickly doused my worries as he had a new product he thought I might be interested in. It was his NEW Rob Knob Magnum II.

I listened as he explained the shifter knob and it's manufacturing process. I then told him to send one over and I would try it out. He did so and I also warned him that I would not be biased in my opinion or reviews. He replied with, "Fair enough, but you'll love it."

And love it, DO I! I opted to go with the aluminum version of the RK Magnum II to better accompany my brushed aluminum trim interior. It matches perfectly. A lot more so than the shint silver OEM shifter I replaced the stock one with. However, the material color match wasn't a tenth of why I adore this shifter knob. See, when I installed my short shifter kit, I still felt as if there was a bit too much resistance to get it in gear. Once I plopped this knob on and tightened it down (it's design uses a set screw to attach it to the shifter lever), I was in HEAVEN!

The weight change between the two knobs made a world of difference. My RK Magnum II is about 3 times heavier than the stock knob and it shows with brilliant ferocity. Shifting is a hell of a lot of fun now and it just drops right into any gear. I can't even imagine what the stainless steel knob at NINE times the stock weight would be like!

It also turns out that the knob is a fantastic fit if you indeed have larger hands and doesn't transmit heat from the transmission and linkages in any noticable amount. It does get a bit cold when parked outside this winter, and I will bet it will be a roaster in the direct sunlight of summer, but that is well worth it's functionality and pure looks.

I chose to give this product a full FIVE (5) rating as I would recommend it to anyone! It is a perfect compliment to any short shift kit and will make you smile just enough in that stop and go traffic to seriously confuse the drivers around you.


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