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Written 3-7-2002

5 out of 5

The UUC Tuned Spring Set lowers the ride height of your E46 to provide better handling and high speed stability. Don't forget how awesome it makes your BMW look.

UUC Motorwerks
1356 Kearney Drive
North Brunswick, NJ 08902, U.S.A.

The UUC springs are a direct replacement for the OEM springs. I have the OEM M-sport package and decided to keep the same shocks. Todd (MarvelPhx) and I spent 2 hours installing the springs, the rear ones are really easy to replace. The front ones, required more time and effort, but they were worth it. The first thing you notice is the drop in the back. The second the car was lowered from the lift the back dropped. It looks great, the drop is not crazy (2+ inches is crazy in my book!) and looks right. The front took about 4 days to settle and looks sweet. It is an even drop and it makes the car look much more aggressive.

The ride is amazing! The car now corners almost completely flat. The improvement is incredible, especially considering the fact that our cars already handle so well with the sport package. I thought that the ride would be much harsher, but it is not so. The ride is no harsher then the OEM M-sport package, due to UUC using progressive rate springs. And, because the car is not completely "slammed", you don't have to freak out about every driveway you see. The most important test is the speed bump test and I am happy to announce that the UUC springs passed the test. I live in a complex that has a lot of speed bumps and was worried that I wouldn't be able to get into my garage. I have to take the speed bumps a little slower, but I have no problems going over them (they are big, so don't get me started…..).

This is a wonderful product that is worth every penny. The ride is no harsher, yet the car now feels like a sports car. I love these springs!

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