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Written 1-25-2002

5 out of 5

The UUC Ultimate Short Shift Kit is a replacement shifter system for most BMWs. It shortens the effective length of shifting throws by up to 30%. Some kits are height-adjustable so the knob elevation can be changed.

UUC Motorwerks
1356 Kearney Drive
North Brunswick, NJ 08902, U.S.A.

I have now had the UUC Short Shift (SSK) Competition Evolution 2 with upgraded bearings in my car for over 1000 miles. The SSK lowers the stock shift throws by 30% which makes a huge difference to the feel of the entire driving experience. The car now feels like a sports car, not a grand tourer. The SSK makes you want to shift as often as possible. The throws do require more effort but it is by no means uncomfortable.

The installation was not very difficult; it requires about an hour and a half and is easier to do if you have access to a lift. The parts are made of top quality steel and have a very nice weight to them. A nice feature of the SSK is that it allows you to choose the height of the gearshift knob. I chose to set it at the lowest position for a sportier look and feel.

The shift from 2nd to 3rd is worth the price of admission alone. The shifts are now more precise and engage with a very satisfying click. As well, the gearshift no longer moves around in the shift gate. 5th gear is now within reach thanks to the SSK, my passengers no longer have to worry about me hitting their knees. The two minor problems I have found with the shifter are that the shift from 1st to 2nd is much notchier then the stock shift and requires more effort. Secondly, if you are in neutral at a stoplight and have to shift into first quickly, you might not find the gear right away.

Those are two very minor problems, and overall the SSK has worked flawlessly. I have had no mechanical problems, and now love to shift my car. The shifter feels so precise you will find yourself looking for reasons to shift, and that is reason enough to purchase the SSK.

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