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Written 7-7-2002

5 out of 5

UUC sways are direct replacements for the OEM sways. UUC sways come with everything needed to install them. They greatly reduce body roll and give the car a much more sporty character.

UUC Motorwerks
1356 Kearney Drive
North Brunswick, NJ 08902, U.S.A.

After installing the UUC spring set, my car not only looked better but felt sportier. Still, I felt that the e46 chassis had more to give. After riding around in Marvelphx's (Todd) car, I realized how much better the car can be. My UUC sways arrived while I was out of town and all I could think about was returning to Phoenix and having them installing immediately. Todd and Greg (thanks guys) installed the sways for me and set them to the softest setting. This was done because I am still running the OEM tires (new rims very soon!) and they didn't want my chassis to out handle my tires.

Even on the softest setting the sways made a huge difference. My car now handles flatly and feels much more stable. I now find myself looking for corners to attack. My car now feels like a sports car. I had the opportunity to spend a day tracking my car at Firebird International Raceway in Phoenix and can tell you that the sways in conjunction with the springs preformed marvelously. I found myself pressing my car harder and harder, which the car the loved.

Sound to good to be true? Well this is one mod that has no down side. The ride is no harsher and there are no weird squeaks or rattles. The car feels amazing. If you love the feeling of a sports car, this mod is for you!

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