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Written 3-7-2002

4 out of 5

The Valetine 1 is a radar detector capable of detecting Ka, K, X and Laser. It has arrows that show you where the source is coming from and has a different beep for each radar band. Also, it automatically dims according to the lighting conditions. The volume/mute levels are adjustable and there are 3 different program modes.

Valentine One
10280 Alliance Road
Cincinnati, OH 45242, U.S.A.

The first thing I did once I received my "V1" was take it to my local stereo shop and I had them hardwire it in. They tapped into the universal transmitter and I placed the V1 to the right of my rearview mirror. It is important that you allow the radar detector to "look" out the back window, so that it can detect threats from behind. I set my detector to the small "l" which is the smartest of the programs. It filters out the signals that it thinks are false, this is best for those of you who live in a city.

The V1 has saved my butt several times. It is best against police officers that are emitting a KA signal. On numerous occasions, it has detected police from a distance of 2 miles. The sensitivity reading is great because it allows you to gauge the threat. I find that the "l" program unfortunately allows far too many false signals. The price you pay for the V1's sensitivity is false alarms 2 out of 3 times (at least where I live). The good news is that they happen in the exact same places, so you can learn the locations and ignore them.

The V1 is also extremely effective against photo radar. If you live in a town that uses photo radar, you need a V1. It would be pretty difficult to get a photo radar ticket with the V1, it gives plenty of warning and the volume can be set very loudly.

The V1 has won every single comparison I have seen, and that is why I chose to buy it. In the February issue of Motor Trend it beat the second place passport by over 20 points (out of 100). The reason it did not receive a perfect score from me is the sheer amount of false alarms. Other than that you can't go wrong with the V1.

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